Workshop: Overcome Overeating Forever

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Overcoming Overeating Forever

Are you embarking on a healthy eating programme or diet this January? Are you at risk of slipping back into a cycle of failed diets, guilt and emotional eating? Join me on 21st January, to unleash the power of your mind’s full potential for successful weight loss, using cutting edge techniques of Neuroslimming and Mindful Eating.

I’m running one of my popular weight loss workshops again on Saturday, January 21st in Brighton, UK. This time I’m teaming up with Dawn Wilson who’s going to be offering a hypnotherapy session within the workshop – so you’ll get double the benefit!

I will introduce you to an effective brain-based process that will enable you to gain freedom from overeating by exercising free choice.  You’ll learn to focus in on those times when you choose what, and how much, you’re going to eat. Whether you’re about to snack, shop or eat out, the techniques you’ll learn in this workshop will enable you to make choices, without feeling like you’re being deprived or ‘missing out’ in any way.This is not a diet, and it’s not about any particular style of eating in terms of what you eat. The focus is on how to make those difficult changes in order to eat less – and to do that in a way that lasts. I will be introducing you to an effective and practical method. It’s not about intuitive eating, or how to deal with the emotions and circumstances that have caused you to overeat. It’s simply a very practical and no-nonsense way to help you to change your habits.

Dawn Wilson hypnotherapy

Using light hypnosis, Dawn will help you to rewire your brain for success. Tapping into the infinite wisdom of the subconscious to overcome self-sabotage will allow you to reach your perfect weight naturally and effectively. A delicious green juice will be provided as an interactive part of the workshop.

Great Value

If all the components were to be  purchased separately this workshop would cost you £169 – but we’re only charging £59.00.

How to Book

Please book using this link.

About Us

Sue and Dawn have wealth of knowledge between them on the subject of weight loss.
Sue Bradley M.A, PGCE, RYT500, Cert. EatPsych is a certified Eating Psychology Coach and Yoga Teacher. She has been teaching, leading workshops and working with weight loss clients for over 20 years, and has worked with organisations such as the NHS and Unilever. She is currently working closely with Gillian Riley, author of ‘Eating Less’ and ‘Ditching Diets’.
Dawn Wilson MABCH/MCAHYP is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and Nutritional Chef of twenty years standing, with an established health practice in Brighton and London. She has worked with  organisations such as the East Sussex Fire Brigade, where she created healthy diet plans and stress management programmes.
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